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Gabbas Avra

Avra is the local name of the wind that hits the hill where this vineyard lies. Thanks to this wind the grapes – especially the Cannonau grapes in this wine –  dry naturally on the vine giving every single grape an intense sweetness and spicing. After one year aged in wooden barrels, this ancient sweet wine is ready to remind you of the old Sardinian traditions. Try it with a blue cheese or a piece of bitter chocolate.

Bottle size: 50cl

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smell final greenBlackberry . Black Currant . Cherry . Plum

taste final blueMineral . Red Berry Jam . Plum

color final redRuby Red . Deep Violet . Garnet

thermometer final beigeBest enjoyed at 10-18 °c


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Rosso di Barbagia Dessert Wine – Avra

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Blue Cheese

Bitter Chocolate

Ricotta Desserts

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The Gabbas estate extends over 30 hectares with 20 hectares dedicated to vineyards. It is owned and managed by Giuseppe Gabbas, and is one of the most renowned estates in Sardegna.

In the late nineties Giuseppe replanted some of the vineyards and invested in a brand-new winery and cellar so that all the wines could be made and bottled on the estate, which is located in a valley at the foot of the Supramonte mountains, in the Nuoro region of Sardegna. The granite soils of the vineyards are perfect for the hot, dry climate, as they retain enough water to nourish the vines during longer periods of drought.

The site has a particular climate, with temperature-moderating breezes coming from the sea only 20km away. The hillside vineyards and protection from the mountains also ensures that temperatures can fluctuate between warm and cool sufficiently to give the grapes a rich, deep colour and a complex spectrum of aroma and flavour compounds. These favourable conditions mean that the grapes require very little treatment in the way of fertilizers or pesticides. This, coupled with strict yield-reducing techniques such as green harvesting, canopy management and short prunings, gives the highest quality Cannonau grapes.

Giuseppe is passionate about traditional Sardegnan style and this is evident in his wines, which are macerated for an extra long period of 30 days, and are deeply-coloured, earthy and delicately spicy with great longevity.

Giuseppe’s passion was recognised by Gambero Rosso, who awarded him the Italian Wine Special Awards 2015:
‘The Winemaker of the Year is the Sardinian Giuseppe Gabbas (Nuoro). “A man of very few words produces wines which, however, have much to say and are marking an important route for the production of Cannonau. Giuseppe is a real grower, who loves the countryside and its vineyards.”’


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