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Back with our recipes in collaboration with the prestigious Gambero Rosso. This time we thought about something light and easy to prepare, but most of all delicious and beautiful to show as a dinner for our guests: cod on a courgette cream. And what about the pairing? Well, we had a specific kind of wine on our mind, something that should go magnificently with the delicate taste of the cod and the light but tasty courgette cream. We had the perfect wine in our store and it is the Vermentino DOC by Volpaia. Let’s proceed one step at a time.


First of all, put the Vermentino in your refrigerator. Then start peeling the courgettes julienne style (only the skin that we will keep to fry later on) and boil a potato. Cover the cod fillets with flour and sear them for a few minutes with the tomatoes already boiled and peeled. Add the olives. Meanwhile boil the peeled courgettes and blend them together with the potatoes. Fry the skins of the courgettes in extra virgin olive oil. Now you just need to assemble everything: put the cream on the plates, lay down on it the cod with the tomato and olive sauce and garnish with the fried courgettes’ skins.


The pairing: this recipe appears to be salty, delicate and light so we needed a mineral wine with a soft body but intense character to go with saltiness and savory. Vermentino has these characteristics and its bouquet goes from fresh fruit to salty notes. For these last ones it is quite obvious the matching with the food, but it is the fruit – apple and peach over all – that give this pairing something extra, adding flavour and sensorial depth to the recipe.

prelius vermentino

Try it, you won’t be disappointed!


Ingredients for 2:

Fresh cod, 200 gr

Courgettes, 2

Olives, a bunch

Potato, 1

Tomatoes, 2

Plus: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salt


Vermentino – Volpaia

Gambero Rosso website



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