La Viarte

Picolit DOC Dessert Wine – Sium


La Viarte Sium

The Picolit grape is just a miracle that the Friuli region gave birth to and over time it became one of the rarest and finest sweet wines of Italy. The Picolit and Verduzzo Friulano grapes are the bone structure of this handcrafted wine full of light aromas of nuts, apricots, honey and dates. After this charming nose you’ll find pleasant citrus and tropical fruit notes opening up to a sweet mouth, but not too much. To have with a special aged cheese, like a Gorgonzola, Blue Stilton or a Roquefort.

Bottle size: 37.5cl

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smell final greenHoney . Walnut . Fig . Almond . Peach . Candied Fruit . Orange . Vanilla

taste final blueNuts . Apricots . Honey . Dates . Citrus . Tropical Fruits

color final redAmber Yellow

thermometer final beigeBest enjoyed at 10-12 °c


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Picolit DOC Dessert Wine – Sium

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Christmas Pudding

Blue Cheeses

La Viarte Sium Tech Spec

La Viarte

1973; Giuseppe Ceschin buys 35 hectares of land among the hills of one of the finest wine-growing areas in Europe: The Oriental Hills of Friuli. He starts up a company with a name encompassing reality and dreams, roots and air, past and future: Viarte, which in Friulan means spring.

1984; The first bottles arrive. After 11 years of tending to the terraces and planting 21 hectares of vineyard, La Viarte wine is born: a perfect match between modernity and tradition, as together with fermentation in steel (as is typical of white wines) oak barrels are also used.

2003; Giuseppe Ceschin passes the baton to his son Giulio Ceschin who increases the potential of the company by purchasing a further 6 hectares in the hills. Attention is increasingly paid to autochthonous grapevines – a most intimate passion for a constantly growing company.

2013; La Viarte grows rich with the enthusiasm and expertise of its new owner, Alberto Piovan. In harmony with the oenological tradition guaranteed by Giulio Ceschin, Alberto proposes an objective that is as simple as it is stimulating: to spread the name and style of La Viarte without altering its true values of respect for the land and the finest Friulan wine growing traditions.


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